The Music and MIDI Page of
José Oscar de Almeida Marques 
Campinas SP Brazil 
The Attic: 
a repository of my original compositions
All my music, old and new, in MIDI format (and a few Real Audio too)
Fractal MusicPage Page at MIDIWorld with my compositions made with the help of recursive algorithms, 
Shostakovich Opus 87 Page Page with my MIDI scores of the complete collection of Shostakovich's 24 Preludes and Fugues opus 87
(plus some arrangements)
My MIDI Sequences of music by various composers
Ars Nova, Lasso, Frescobaldi, J. S. Bach, Villa-Lobos, etc.
The several versions of Bruckner's Symphonies
A short synopsis written by me, useful for those puzzled by the problem of the several versions and editions of Bruckner's symphonies

My academic home page at the Campinas State University, Brazil

visits since Jan/25/1998